Category: Hosting Tools

HostBuilder Version 1.9.4
HostBuilder is a web hosting tool designed to work with few requirements and little maintenance. Starting a free web host like GeoCities or FreeWebs is easy with this innovative software.
tPanel Version 2009
tPanel 2009 is a web hosting control panel designed for starting a web host with little to no resources.
tPanel Plus Version 1.7
tPanel Plus is a web hosting control panel that can run on shared web hosting plans. While most control panels for web hosting sites require shell access to directly control FTP, e-mail, and MySQL systems, tPanel Plus manages these features and sends requests for creation, modification, and removal to be completed through your shared host's control panel.
tPanel Sleek Version 1.2
tPanel Sleek is the new tPanel edition for your cPanel® web host. Get the performance of cPanel with the look and feel you want.
WebHost Lite Clone Version 1.01
WebHost Lite Clone is a simple free web hosting system for starting and maintaining a free web host. WebHost Lite Clone also provides several features found on many free web hosting sites.