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WebHost Lite Clone

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Member Control Panel

WebHost Lite Clone is a simple web hosting system for starting a free web host. Great for new-timers and beginners, WebHost Lite Clone offers an easy way to manage a web host without much knowledge or experience in maintaining a web hosting service. Users are restricted by the file types they are allowed to upload as well as how much space they have to use. Administrating over your web hosting site is no hassle and almost never needed with automated account registration and a control panel for your members.
WebHost Lite Clone is a PHP version of WebHost Lite by MyIdealScript/CyberScript. WebHost Lite, also known as WebHome Lite, can be used to start a web host on any web space and provide feature rich hosting for web host members.

All you need to do is create your website for your community and WebHost Lite Clone will automate account registration. Users may signup and receive a portion of web space with forums and a guestbooks created for them. The forums and guestbooks use the "forum.php" and "guestbook.php" scripts so no scripts are installed on the users' web space.

In the administration control panel, you can set how much web space you want to allot to your users, and you may also set which file types are not valid. Since these scripts are PHP scripts, we recommend using the ".php" file extension as an illegal file type for users. This will prevent hacking or compromising.
WebHost Lite features the following:
  • Administrator and member control panels
  • Forum and guestbook features for individual members
  • Easy and "Keep It Simple" design
  • Space limitations for members
  • File extension restrictions
WebHost Lite Clone requires only PHP 4.3 or above running and enabled on your web server.
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Multi Server License: $9.99
One-Time Server Installation: $3.99
(Product not included!)