Our Core Values

How We Started

Founded in July 2004, Data Components has been developing software and researching new and innovative ways to get work done more efficiently. Originally a two-man company, Data Components was committed to developing software to serve both businesses and personal customers.

Originally developing graphical user interfaces for MS-DOS® and simple tools for the Windows® operating system, Data Components began to see the spotlight on internet applications. Originally developing the tPanel web hosting control panel, the aim was to provide innovative tools and software compared to other leading competitors.

In 2006, Data Components expanded to web hosting services and web hosting software. With tPanel becoming a big success for the company's future development, Data Components became known as "Data Components Software Development."

Continuing to strive for higher goals, developing software, and researching ways to develop more efficient programs, Data Components Software Development continues to write and design software. Goals are also set for developing websites that offer services to users and businesses.