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tPanel Sleek

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Performance, dependability, customization, and automation all in one web hosting product. cPanel® web hosters can now take advantage of the new tPanel designed especially for cPanel web hosting! Aimed at providing a fully-functional control panel for your cPanel web host, tPanel Sleek will give you and your clients a web hosting experience the way you want. Most control panels can't be modified as easily or re-engineered to fit your web hosting process. tPanel Sleek takes control of your cPanel server and allows you to access it just as you and your clients would normally login.
tPanel Sleek is the first fully-functional control panel interface for cPanel®. While other cPanel interfaces only allow for user registration, tPanel Sleek allows web hosters to customize their own web hosting control panels and run their web hosts as they wish. Besides from providing a ready-to-use interface for cPanel, tPanel Sleek comes with a fully-functional cPanel API. The cPanel API may be utilized to perform cPanel tasks and remotely control their web hosts and web hosting accounts.

Clients may use this cPanel adapter for customization that would seem to be impossible. Besides modifying the HTML template-based themes, customizing tasks to be performed through PHP scripting is another feature available with tPanel Sleek.
tPanel Sleek is very versatile and easy to use. Here are many of the features you will receive when you purchase this product:
  • Fully-functional control panel
  • FTP, MySQL, Domain, Subdomain, E-Mail, File Management
  • Easy installation
  • Complete cPanel API for PHP
  • cPanel and WHM control
  • Simplified user-friendly interface
  • Automated account registration
  • 24/7 Technical Support
tPanel Sleek requires the following to function:
  • PHP 4.3 or above
  • cPanel X3 & WHM server
  • ionCube Loader
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Single Server License: $49.99
5-Server License: $116.64
10-Server License: $199.96
25-Server License: $449.91
One-Time Server Installation: $9.99
(Product not included!)