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tPanel Plus

When starting a free web hosting site, it is essential to have a web hosting system that can help you manage your users and let your members manage their web space. tPanel Plus will help you start your free web host and give your members control of their web space as well as giving you control of your members. tPanel Plus is a web hosting control panel that can run on shared web hosting plans. While most control panels for web hosting sites require shell access to directly control FTP, e-mail, and MySQL systems, tPanel Plus manages your features and sends requests to you, the web hosting administrator, where you must create these features through your shared host's control panel and fulfill the member's requests. For those who are passionate about starting a free web host without the high costs of web hosting servers, tPanel Plus is the way to go.
tPanel Plus is a web hosting control panel specifically designed for use on plain web space without any requirements like "root access" which is required of almost every web hosting control panel. tPanel Plus provides a friendly user interface of a web hosting control panel while the innerworkings are based more on a "manual" automation, which means that when something such as a MySQL database or FTP account is created, the feature is not created automatically and is sent as a "request" to the administrator(s) who looks at the request with the details (e.g. database name, username, password, etc.) and creates the database in his/her web hosting account (on the parent web host, not in tPanel) and sets the details in the "request" as so ("username" => "u123456") and fulfills the request by setting it to "ready".

tPanel Plus differs from tPanel in the ease of use, simplicity and ease in managing a web hosting site, and offers a simple and efficient control panel for people interested in starting a free web hosting service.
When you purchase tPanel Plus, you'll receive the following:
  • Administrator and member control panels
  • Lush design and feel
  • User-friendly interface
  • Automated user registration
  • Support system
  • Manangement of FTP, e-mail, and MySQL features
  • Script installation system
  • File extension blocking
  • Web hosting plans
  • File size limitations, web space limitations
  • 24/7 Technical Support
tPanel Plus requires the following to run:
  • PHP 4 or above
  • Apache web server
  • 1 MySQL database
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Multi Server License: $29.99
One-Time Server Installation: $9.99
(Product not included!)