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Designed for running a web host with little maintenance, HostBuilder will help you start your web host in a matter of minutes. With the basic web hosting functions (account management, web hosting plan options, mailing lists, etc.) HostBuilder runs with very few requirements. You're in control of your own web host.
Compared to many web hosting software on the market, very little can compare to HostBuilder in terms of resource usage and software requirements. HostBuilder is a PHP-based web hosting system designed for running free web hosts virtually anywhere. Utilizing only web space and bandwidth, this web hosting tool will turn your unused web space into a free web hosting site.

No web hosting experience required for this tool - only the creative passion to start a web host. You'll feel in control of your web host with HostBuilder. Clients will be able to register for accounts and easily access their web space.

No need to buy or rent a server, HostBuilder will run on almost any web space with PHP and Apache. A Linux server is preferred but not required. All information is stored in a flat-file database on your server and protected from viewing.

HostBuilder is the simplest and easiest way to start a free web host for both those who are new and those who are experienced.
HostBuilder lets you run a professional free web host and comes with the following features:
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Account creation, deletion, and suspension
  • Account usage statistics
  • Individualized account hosting plans
  • Web hosting plans (with coupon discount options)
  • Automated user registration
  • Mailing list for active users
  • Firewalling
  • Forced advertisements
  • HTML template-based theme (for customization)
  • Administrator and client control panels
  • Forum and guestbook features for clients
  • Account inactivity limits
  • Maximum accounts limit
  • 24/7 Technical Support
HostBuilder requires the following to run:
  • PHP 4 or above
  • Apache 1.3.23 or above
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Multi Server License: $39.99
One-Time Server Installation: $9.99
(Product not included!)