Category: Website Building Software

CodeTangler Version 1.3
CodeTangler is a source code obfuscator for PHP scripts and projects. CodeTangler transforms source code and changes function names, variable names, and class names into randomly-generated values while retaining the same program structure. Your obfuscated PHP scripts will look confusing to any viewer but will run just the same as the original PHP scripts.
Tired of having your PHP scripts pirated and misused? Read on about how to protect your source code with CodeTangler Professional.
Sleek Elements Version 1.0
Want to integrate your cPanel® server into your website? Sleek Elements, which uses the same cPanel/WHM API in tPanel Sleek, will provide you with a very versatile and extensible cPanel API for PHP to integrate into your website.
TSiteBuilder Version 1.0
Do you run a community or web host? If you do, then you'd probably like to give your members the opportunity to build their own websites even if they don't have web design experience! TSiteBuilder will help you provide this feature to your members and let them simply point-and-click to make their own websites in minutes!