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Sleek Elements

Your cPanel® API solution for PHP!

If you've ever wanted to do something like integrate a page with all the accounts on your cPanel® web host, Sleek Elements can help you solve this. Providing you with access to cPanel accounts and WHM accounts, Sleek Elements is an essential product for customizing your web host and interacting with your cPanel server with ease. You can now control your cPanel server and integrate features into your website such as: automated account creation, e-mail/FTP/MySQL management and control, account listings and directory, domain settings, and fully control your cPanel® control panel remotely through your website.
Sleek Elements is a set of PHP classes for interacting with a local cPanel server and controlling it remotely through the PHP classes. The same technology used in tPanel Sleek, Sleek Elements provides developers with the foundation and framework for writing applications to interact with cPanel and WHM remotely. Easily integrate your cPanel server into your website with Sleek Elements.

Customization is what makes websites unique. cPanel™ provides the same layout and look and feel with their web hosting products. Ascend to the top and make your website unique with a simple way to show data and information directly from cPanel and WHM with Sleek Elements. These PHP classes handle the tasks normally done in cPanel and can provide you the foundation necessary to building your own cPanel applications!
Sleek Elements will provide you with the following features for controlling cPanel:
  • Account registration functions
  • E-mail, SQL, FTP, domain control and management
  • File management functions
  • Mailing list control
  • WHM access
  • cPanel account statistics
  • Web hosting plan control
  • Account management functions
  • Server information and statistics
  • Service control
  • Web host statistics and logs
Sleek Elements will run with the following requirements:
  • PHP 4 or above
  • libcURL installed and enabled in PHP
  • cPanel/WHM X3 access
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Multi User License: $19.99
One-Time Server Installation: $9.99
(Product not included!)