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Here is a sample of obfuscated source code from CodeTangler:

<? class CCECD26BA84E5815 { var $RAACDDC816AE1AEC = 'NO TEXT'; function CCECD26BA84E5815 ($R1F4FEB5B7C1F5B3) { $this->RAACDDC816AE1AEC = $R1F4FEB5B7C1F5B3; } function F4063B267DA7A130 ($R1F4FEB5B7C1F5B3) { $this->RAACDDC816AE1AEC .= $R1F4FEB5B7C1F5B3; } function FEBA057C800F1F0E () { return chr(84).chr(104).chr(105).chr(115).chr(32).chr(105).chr(115).chr(32).chr(97).chr(32).chr(115). chr(116).chr(114).chr(105).chr(110).chr(103).chr(32).chr(108).chr(105).chr(116).chr(101).chr(114). chr(97).chr(108).chr(46); } function FDFEFE30BF8CC6CD () { return "\x27\x54\x65\x73\x74\x65\x72\x27\x20\x69 \x73\x3A\x20{$this->RAACDDC816AE1AEC}"; } } $REB5015C4E0B3F23 = new CCECD26BA84E5815 (chr(84).chr(101).chr(115).chr(116).chr(32).chr(105).chr(116).chr(32).chr(97).chr(108).chr(108)); echo $REB5015C4E0B3F23->FEBA057C800F1F0E().$REB5015C4E0B3F23->FDFEFE30BF8CC6CD()."\n"; echo $REB5015C4E0B3F23->RAACDDC816AE1AEC; ?>

When it comes to securing your source code in PHP scripts, most people depend on encryption software that decrypts on runtime. If it can be decrypted, it can be cracked. Obfuscation is the process of replacing function names, variable names, and class names with randomly-generated names and values as well as stripping documentation and comments from source code to create a confusing yet still working PHP script.
CodeTangler is a source code obfuscator for PHP scripts and software projects. If you are a software developer writing PHP scripts, this product is essential to securing and protecting your work. While most source code can be compiled into a byte-code or object-code executable, web scripting engines do not interpret compiled code but interpret the source code directly. While this is efficient for website development and ease of writing internet applications, protection is essential to selling these products.

If you developed a very valuable product in PHP and don't want competitors or anybody getting a glimpse of the source code, you can obfuscate it with CodeTangler. In the obfuscation process, CodeTangler first scans your scripts for any functions, classes, and variables. Next, it will replace your files with encoded scripts that all contain functions, variables, and classes that were detected from the scanning process.

CodeTangler obfuscates projects with very little to no tweaking at all after producing the end result. If you wish to make your PHP products secure and protected from everyone, CodeTangler is an essential product for your software development.
With CodeTangler, you'll receive full, unlimited access to:
  • Scanning and obfuscating functions, classes, and variables
  • Simple, easy-to-use, two-step interface
  • Comment removal in source code
  • Whitespace and line break removal in source code
  • Recursive, automated scanning of project directories
CodeTangler requires a Windows environment or an operating system that supports Windows applications.
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Trial Version: $0.00 (Free)
Single User License: $29.99
Multi User / Corporate License: $59.99