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As the internet grows more and more, many businesses use scripting languages for browser-based applications. While developing software in scripting languages such as PHP, the concern is about protecting source code from being seen or misused. The problem is getting your source code to be able to be run in PHP but not able to be read by people. Most people choose encryption to solve this dilemma but the motto for encryption is: "If it can be encrypted, IT CAN BE DECRYPTED." Although this is very possible for anybody who gets their hands on your PHP scripts, it still doesn't prevent them from stealing your ideas and code from your work.

With encryption being a temporary solution, you need something permanent. Obfuscation is a permanent solution to your source code worries. Obfuscation is the process of changing function, variable, and class names into new names of randomly-generated letters and numbers as well as removing all formatting and documentation (e.g. comments) from the source code to produce the same program but unable to be interpreted by anybody.

Think of obfuscation as a paper-shredder. The paper is shredded and rendered in a very unreadable form. Still the same paper, it is simply put into a very undecipherable format. However, think of it as if the computer can piece every shred of paper together and read it. Although you can't do it, the computer can do this very easily. Obfuscation retains the program's structure (which is essential to the program running) but the compiler does not care what you name a function or a variable. It simply follows the program's syntax and structure. You can think of it as if you have a keypad with numbers ranging from 0 to 9. If someone were to rearrange the number buttons or replace them with a foreign number system, you could still remember the numbers according to their appropriate places to press in order to produce the numbers.
As mentioned earlier, obfuscation is a surefire way to encrypt your source code and protect it from being stolen. CodeTangler Pro is a PHP obfuscator and encoder for solving this problem. CodeTangler will perform everything from the simplest methods such as stripping out whitespace to encoding your source code into a labyrinth of tangled yet runnable code. You have the option to choose what you wish to do with your source code and how you wish to obfuscate it.

CodeTangler Pro can scan your source code files for all comments, variables, functions, and classes as well as the statistics of their occupation within the total source code. Scanning source code is necessary in order to obfuscate it later. Once your project is scanned, you may modify any functions, classes, and variables scanned as well as their corresponding obfuscated replacement values.

The main solution in CodeTangler is to obfuscate and replace any PHP source code files in the project with newly made files containing the same program structure but containing different values for functions, variables, and classes. Since CodeTangler does not store the original source code files nor does it make any attempt to back up selected files for the project, IT IS ADVISABLE TO RETAIN AN ORIGINAL COPY OF YOUR PHP SOURCE CODE!

A new and interesting feature of CodeTangler Pro is the ability to encrypt your source code and offer a second level of security for your projects using one of our PHP source code encoders. In this product distribution, only two encoders are bundled with CodeTangler Pro: Inside-Out Encoder (more simple and not as secure but does offer another level of protection from pure source code files) and the Labyrinth PHP Encoder (more advanced and very tough encryption for your project files). All encoded source code files do not depend on any runtimes or installed modules to run on regular PHP web space.
Don't be fooled by applications that promise you more than what they actually have. CodeTangler Professional comes with the following features, fully functional and ready for you to use:
  • Project management
  • PHP source code statistics page
  • Source code obfuscation
  • Function, variable, and class obfuscation value modification (change the names of the newly obfuscated values)
  • Exclusion of certain functions, variables, and classes
  • Whitespace and comment removal
  • Extreme PHP obfuscation techniques
  • Encryption of string literals
  • Ability to replace keywords found in string literals
  • PHP source code encryption
  • Two PHP encoders (Inside-Out and Labyrinth)
  • Ability to open and save project settings
CodeTangler Professional requires the following in order to run successfully:
  • Windows 2000 or above (or an operating system that supports Windows® applications)
  • 2 MB of space
  • 233 MHz or faster CPU
  • 64 MB of RAM or higher
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Trial Version: $0.00 (Free)
Single User License: $99.99
Multi User / Corporate License: $219.99