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SYO Construction Page

First impressions are always the last.

If you've been to a new website or even started your own website, sometimes you'll see an "Under Construction" page which seems very lackluster or rather uninformative. Most websites under construction don't tell you when the new design will be finished and some never do. To keep visitors interested in your website and giving them the benefit of the doubt, the SYO Construction Page is the easiest way to turn that blank construction page into a well-designed and user-friendly page for informing anybody visiting your website.
The SYO Construction Page is a script for allowing webmasters to site designers to upload a placeholder for the location of their new website. Since most websites often go under redesign and can be taken down, the script allows webmasters to inform their visitors of website progress and show them an expected date of completion. Most "Under Construction" pages are very plain and do not report site progress or when the new website is to launch. Instead of designing your own, you can use the SYO Construction Page to simply upload and install with no hassle.
The SYO Construction Page comes with all the following features and more:
  • Countdown timer (with custom time formatting)
  • Custom welcome message
  • Progress indicator (either manually or automatically changed)
  • Notification panel for keeping visitors informed
  • Option to dissolve upon script completion time
  • No database required!
  • Five customizable themes
SYO Construction Page requires only the following:
  • PHP 4.0.3 or above
  • Roughly 400 KB of space
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Multi Server License: $9.99
One-Time Server Installation: $4.99
(Product not included!)