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Your #1 FREE PHP source code compressor!

Distributing commercial PHP scripts can be very tricky and often entails taking many risks involved with people modifying the code or even stealing it. It might be surprising to know that some PHP files are actually very light and small when stripping out all documentation and whitespace. You have to remember that proper source code formatting and documentation are for "the human." Computers don't care so why not take advantage of it? phpShrink can save you time by compressing your PHP source code and making it ready for distribution by removing formatting and documentation to make your scripts smaller and working just the same as before.
phpShrink is a FREE PHP source code compression tool which allows PHP programmers and developers to compress their source code for distribution. PHP scripts can't be compiled into an executable but instead they are run straight from the source code. So to save space and give a layer of protection to your source code, phpShrink can quickly and easily turn your fully-formatted and documented code into a heap of code still able to be run. phpShrink simply removes all whitespace, comments, and line breaks (which may be customized) and returns your source code as a very tight and lightweight distribution that will still work just the same as it did before. The source code will not be modified in any other way than that.
As a freeware tool, phpShrink comes with the following:
  • Whitespace removal
  • Deletion of line breaks
  • Comment and documentation removal
  • Drag-and-drop compression option
  • Easy, quick, and simple to use (no installation required)
phpShrink only requires Windows or an environment suitable to run Windows applications.
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