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PayPal® is an online e-commerce site that provides an NVP (Name-Value Pair) API for clients who wish to develop systems for handling e-commerce from their websites. The PHP PayPal API is a simpler and easier way to handle method calls to the NVP API and ultimately use object-oriented PHP programming to handle PayPal transactions on your website.
The PHP PayPal API is a single class that uses object-oriented programming to access the PayPal? NVP API and invoke methods for handling and processing payments on your website. The PHP PayPal API works with the ExpressCheckout system currently as well as handling miscellaneous tasks such as transaction lookup and MassPay for dispersing funds.

Accessing PayPal via your account's API information, checkout is handled by your website through PayPal and provides details for purchase information and transactions on your website.

The PHP PayPal API must first invoke the "SetExpressCheckout" method to return a PayPal session token. This token is used for handling transactions. Redirecting users to the PayPal login page, PayPal will handle and verify the account identity and confirm the user's compliance to continue with the checkout. The "GetExpressCheckoutDetails" method returns details about the product to be purchased and the payer's ID. Concluding with the "DoExpressCheckout" method, the purchase amount is debited from the user's account and deposited into yours. The method will return the transaction ID which you may use at anytime to lookup the transaction details.
The PHP PayPal API features 6 functions for handling e-commerce transactions, dispersing funds, and looking up transactions.
The PHP PayPal API requires the following to function properly:
  • PayPal Business or Premier Account (with API enabled)
  • PHP 4 or above
  • libcURL installed and enabled in PHP
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