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Thumbnails like that!

If you've ever run a website or made a photo gallery, you realize that most images are resized into thumbnails with links to their originals. This is done to save bandwidth and make the overall loading time for web pages much faster and efficient. Often times, it is annoying to create thumbnails for each individual image and it can also be costly. Instead of purchasing software to generate thumbnails or going through the hassle of making thumbnails for every image you upload on your website, why not make them on your website? FlexibleThumb will help you do just that.
FlexibleThumb is a script which may be installed on a PHP-enabled web server to generate thumbnails as they are demanded to allow for a better image serving experience and a simpler way to serve thumbnails on your website. Like a photo gallery on a website, all images are displayed with thumbnails for users to preview the image and still save bandwidth from loading the entire image. Instead of manually creating the thumbnails for your images, FlexibleThumb allows you to upload your image and generate the thumbnail with a simple URL.
FlexibleThumb has many advantages over most thumbnail generating software:
  • Easy installation (2 minutes)
  • Quick thumbnail creation on your server
  • Caching options (to save even more time)
  • Watermarking
  • Restriction on how small or large a thumbnail may be
  • No MySQL database needed!
  • Lightweight and efficient
  • 100% FREE!
FlexibleThumb requires the following to run:
  • PHP 4 or above
  • Apache with mod_rewrite enabled
  • libGD with PHP extension
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Free Download:
One-Time Server Installation: $4.99