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A realistic online bulletin board!

Many scripts like phpBB, SMF, and vBulletin are considered "bulletin boards" since they provide places for people to congregate, talk, and post topics. Taking the concept of a bulletin board, BulletinSys implements some JavaScript and creativity to bring to you a true bulletin board for posting notes online. Just like a bulletin board in real life, you can post notes and messages as well as move them around to emulate a realistic bulletin board.
BulletinSys is an online web script for starting your own realistic bulletin board site. Guestbooks and little forums can become boring when posting small messages or leaving a small note. With today's world of microblogging, you can now join in with a new system called "BulletinSys." Simple and easy to install, BulletinSys will immediately allow you to post notes and allow people to socialize on your website through a realistic bulletin board.
With BulletinSys on your website, visitors can enjoy the ability to:
  • Post new notes with a few simple clicks
  • Drag and drop notes on the bulletin board
  • Delete their own notes without removing others
BulletinSys requires PHP 4 or above and one MySQL database.
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Free Download:
One-Time Server Installation: $3.99