Simple Byte-Code Interpreter

In the Fall of 2008, I wished to demonstrate to a group of students how an interpreter works as well as the underlying concepts of interpreting a series of data from a text file similar to interpreting byte-code. Instead of using confusing ASCII character codes, I decided to use integers ranging from 1 to 6 for demonstrating functions of an interpreter as well as the use of buffers for storing data.

I wrote a simple interpreter in Turbo C++ v3.0 and used it for my example. This is nothing more than a simple text-based interpreter that stores data in two character buffers and either reads from the input stream or prints to the output stream (console). You are free to use this example any way you wish. If you do use this for any work that is public or commercial (or non-personal), please give me credit.
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Interpreter (with source)This is the basic interpreter. It compiles in Turbo C++ v3.0. Simply run the "PROGLAN1.EXE" file to see the interpreter.51.01 KB8/31/2009