Visual Q

Begun in the Fall of 2006, Visual Q was a research project on writing programming languages and developing a scripting engine. Visual Q was intended to be an imitation of an early version of the batch-like syntax from Visual DialogScript®. Not all of the features could be implemented nor was there much time to develop the entire system. The syntax was reformed in certain areas of programming and developed to be simplistic and easy to understand. Development had begun for the parser and scripting engine. The scripting engine was completed early in the Spring of 2007 for debugging and testing. After that, the project has not been developed from the original source code.

Visual Q will be developed once again with a better parser and a byte-code like interpreter for efficiency. Visual Q was simply a challenge at devising a programming language and developing a simple scripting engine. The challenge of writing the language was also intentionally done in an older, unsupported version of the Delphi® programming language developed in 1995. The challenge was also to see what capabilities the language had and could offer in such an old computing environment.

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Visual Q Field TestThe official field test version of Visual Q. Be aware that THERE IS NO THOROUGH DOCUMENTATION!937.49 KB6/9/2009