Millennium OS

Originally developed in 1999/2000 by Jonathan Thorpe, Millennium OS was a GUI written in QuickBASIC 4.5 as a hobby project. It was designed to be run on MS-DOS with Windows capabilities. The somewhat interesting feature of the first edition was the ability for it to run Windows programs through a Windows 3.1 environment which was called the "DOS Extender". The creators had plans for the GUI's future development but were unsuccessful and never happened. In 2003, Todd Suess saw this GUI and wanted to continue its development from the original version, the only version ever released by the original developers. Learning different techniques for GUI development and design, Todd began improving M-OS with small features and eventually re-designing the entire look and feel.

In April of 2004, Millennium OS had its first new feature: a wallpaper desktop background. New features were written in such as sound capabilities, corrections on program errors and bugs, and a combination of newer DOS programs to make the GUI more usable in the real world.

The GUI remained in development until 2006 when many of the capabilities of the project were seen to be almost impossible with QuickBASIC's functionality and usability. The project is available to be downloaded, tweaked, developed further, or any form of use that does not involve commercial use of the software. All project files are available for download and may be used freely.
File NameFile SizeDate Uploaded
M-OS Platinum/3 (source)At this point, Millennium OS Platinum has themes, multiple user accounts, and more desktop applications to make it an overall more "usable" GUI. Includes full source and documentation on how to build it.6.48 MB8/30/2009
Millennium OS 2004 (source)The first copy of Millennium OS that became popular once again making its debut in 2004. This file contains the source code to Millennium OS 2004 and various project data and information from that time.8.79 MB8/30/2009
Millennium OS 3.1My first modified release of M-OS with a bitmap desktop background.282.72 KB8/12/2009
Millennium OS AlphaThe first version of Millennium OS to actually incorporate a folder as the desktop compared to using a text file with specific icons. This was an early attempt to emulate how most modern desktop environments operate.2.27 MB8/30/2009
Millennium OS BetaThe later version building on the technology of Millennium OS Alpha. Not much of a big difference.2.68 MB8/30/2009
Millennium OS Platinum (source)Source code to Millennium OS Platinum, the first series of Millennium OS to approach a more complete GUI with an operating system bundled with it (in this case, FreeDOS). The attempt was unsuccessful but drove me to make a better version. Platinum continued with two other versions.3.69 MB8/30/2009