Millenium OS

The Basics

Author: Jonathan Thorpe -
Version: Millenium OS Alpha 3
Web Page:
Local Download: here
Review Date: 12/11/00


While the current version of Millenium OS is Alpha 4, I was unable to obtain that version. If you have it please mail it to me!

The Numbers

Screen Shots

Full Review

Millenium OS lacks in some areas, and picks them up in others. It also has a weird form of multitasking...

The Applications

Millenium OS (MOS) comes with a decent amout of applications, but most are standard DOS EXE files. Some examples are a search tool, a calculator, a dos prompt, etc. Some of these applications can be multitasked...

The Multitasking

While MOS uses EXE files for applications, some of them can be multitasked. If you minimize an application to the task bar, you can continue working in the GUI, and switch between other applications. This is more like task switching than true multi-tasking.

Like Windows 3.1?

Probably the most astounding feature of MOS is it's ability to run Windows 3.1 applications! This is accomplished by starting a stripped down version of Microsoft Windows 3.1. While this is sort of cheap, I will admit, it is sort of neat!

MOS Windowing

MOS's downside is its windowing interface. It is very inconsistant. Some can be moved, some can't. Some can be minimized, some can't. If every window could be moved and minimized, the GUI would be a lot more solid and would recieve a much higher rating! Also, maximizing and resizing would be nice.